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WAM Overview

What is it?

The WorldEd Affiliated Mentor program (WAM)  is an innovative business model available for private teachers who wish to expand their range of working opportunities. WorldEd International School (WED) provides the possibility for private teachers to work in education as a specialized Independent Mentor.

WorldEd Affiliated Mentor (WAM) program is a combination of two services: the international certification, and membership. 


  • The International Certification: Upon completion, the teacher will receive a certification of "K-12 Certified Mentor" that recognizes their ability to assist students in the American K-12 curriculum. The certification is issued by WorldEd International School.  


  • Membership: The teacher who obtains the Certification will then be eligible to become a member. A mentor can tutor their own private students enrolled in any WorldEd Program. The teacher can also be invited by WED to support its students globally and be paid for it. 


WAM can support two kinds of students:

  • Private students: Those are students obtained independently by the mentor. The mentor has full autonomy to determine their class fee for private students. WorldEd is not part of the service relationship between the Mentor and private students.


  • WorldEd Students: Those are WorldEd students. WorldEd can invite the WAM to mentor any WorldEd student. The WAM will receive a compensation payment per class.

The teacher who holds the Certification and has a valid membership can mentor their own private students enrolled in any WorldEd Program. The teacher can also be invited by WorldEd to support its students globally and be paid for it.

The student must pay the program tuition fee directly to WorldEd School independently if the student is a WorldEd or Mentor student.

How does it work?

The teacher should apply to become a WorldEd Affiliated Mentor by filling out the WAM Application Form.

After the application is approved, the Mentor candidate teacher completes 4 hours of training, 30 hours of online coursework, and 6 hours of class observation to receive the WAM Certification of K-12 Certified Mentor*.

Upon certification, the Mentor will be able to offer their private students the possibility to become a WorldEd student and graduate with an American Diploma or with International accepted Credits. A wide range of international credits is offered by WorldEd such as Core, Electives, CTEs, College Perps, AP’s, and more.

* WAM receives more details about the training and course schedule during the Application process.

WAM Benefits

International mentoring certification for K-12
Professional development and experience with international students
Full academic support from WorldEd School and its international licensed teachers

Student Benefits

wam students benefits.png

* WAM receives more details about the students' fee and enrollment during the Application process.

WAM Network - students recommendation

With the objective to potentialize the WAM network and assist the mentor to connect with more students, WorldEd will offer for its individual students the benefits to be assisted by a WAM mentor. WorldEd has the sole discretion in these recommendations and will consider many criteria and variables (including mentor’s location, availability, profile, and more).

Tuition Fee


•    Now $199 from $399 First year      * 50% OFF Limited time offer promo code
•    $199 Yearly renew.

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