Become a Certified Mentor

For official American K-12 curriculum

For Private Teachers who wish to expand their range of working opportunities and increase profitability.


WorldEd provides the possibility for the teachers to offer their students a personalized and private qualified official International Diploma Program.

How does it work?

The private teacher completes 40 hours of training and then receives the Certification. During the certification training, the Mentor will be able to offer their students the possibility to graduate with an International Diploma or with Credits.
A wide range of international credits is offered by WorldEd such as Core, Electives, College Perps, AP’s, and more.


  • International mentoring certification for K-12

  • Increase retention

  • Offers students a U.S. School Diploma

  • Full academic support from WorldEd School

  • Online and Face-to-face students

Let me know how I can offer an official American curriculum to my students.