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Before you start: WAM Clarification

WorldEd Affiliated Mentor (WAM) program is a combination of two services: the international certification, and membership. 

  • The International Certification: Upon completion, the teacher will receive a certification of "K-12 Certified Mentor" that recognizes their ability to assist students in the American K-12 curriculum. The certification is issued by WorldEd International School.  

  • Membership: The teacher who obtains the Certification will then be eligible to become a member. A mentor can tutor their own private students enrolled in any WorldEd Program. The teacher can also be invited by WED to support its students globally and be paid for it. 


The certification and the membership is a service provided by WorldEd to the private mentor. The initial fee includes 12 months of membership and the Certification. The membership may be renewed annually for continued affiliation.

WAM can support two kind of students:

  • Private students: Those are students obtained independently by the mentor. The mentor has full autonomy to determine their class fee for private students. WorldEd is not part of the service relationship between the Mentor and private students.

  • WorldEd Students: Those are WorldEd students. WorldEd can invite the WAM to mentor any WorldEd student. The WAM will receive a compensation payment per class.


The student must pay the program tuition fee directly to WorldEd School independently if the student is a WorldEd or Mentor student.

Step 1: WAM Application Form filling

Fill out the form below.


You will be contacted upon receipt and review.

Step 2: Credentials submission 

After the form submission, you will receive the Credentials Requirements e-mail.


WorldEd understands that teaching expertise can and does result from a variety of sources such as education, life learning, practical experience, and a combination of all of the above. All education and experience will be evaluated, including general teaching practice and English proficiency. We do like to ensure that our students will have the best learning experience possible, and a well-qualified mentor is a great part of it.

• Well-known certifications and test scores are a great way to provide evidence of English proficiency. These might include TOEFL, IELTS, CPE, TKT, TOEIC, SAT, ACT, GCE A Level, or equivalent;


• A degree or diploma from a secondary education institution where English is the primary language and the program duration is of greater than 3yrs can also be accepted (preferably in education or Language Arts);


If you don’t have any of the credentials listed above but believe that you are qualified, please submit.

Our academic department will analyze and reply (usually in 3 days). More documentation may also be requested.

WorldEd responds to all applicants. If they are approved, they will be instructed to move forward to Step 3 in the process. If they are not approved, they will receive feedback and steps for future applications.

Step 3: Online meeting for evaluation, information about programs, rules, and services

At this step, the Mentor candidate will have an online meeting with the WorldEd team. The purpose of this meeting is to check the candidate profile, clarify questions, and present all the WorldEd rules.

If approved, the candidate will move forward to Step 4. If not, the candidate will receive feedback and details for future applications.

Step 4: Contract service and fees payment

This step is the last step before beginning the training. The candidate will receive and sign the service agreement contract and the link for the fee payment. Fee information is detailed in the WAM fees section.

After signing the contract and payment, the candidate moves to Step 5.

Step 5: Training scheduling

After the conclusion of the preview step, the mentor candidate will receive an e-mail to schedule the initial 4 hours of training. More details during the application process.

After the conclusion of the initial training, the mentor proceeds to Step6.

Step 6: Student Enrollment

Once the initial training is concluded, the mentor can enroll private students in any of the WorldEd programs. You can also be invited by WorldEd to support WorldEd's own students and receive compensation for it. More details during the application process.

Set 7: Conclude your certification

There are a total of 40 required training hours for WAM certification. The remaining 36 hours must be completed within 12 months. More details during the application process.