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WorldEd is Regionally Accredited by Cognia/AdvancED the parent organization of NCA CASI,  NWAC, and SACS CASI.

To ensure success in your educational path, choose our highly qualified teachers, a modern interactive platform, Mastery-Based curriculum, and Prescriptive Credit Recovery Courses

Freedom to manage your time. WorldEd School online courses are self-paced and can be taken at any time, in a location of the student’s choice.

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Credits available this summer are*:


- All semester courses (0.5 Credits)

- Summer courses have 8 weeks from deadline to conclusion

- If needed, a 30-DAY extension can be added for only $50

English Language Arts

  • Business English A

  • Business English B

  • English 09 A

  • English 09 B

  • English 10 A

  • English 10 B

  • English 11 A

  • English 11 B

  • English 12 A

  • English 12 B


  • Academic Success

  • African American Studies

  • Art History & Appreciation

  • Creative Writing

  • Gothic Literature

  • Holocaust Studies

  • Introduction to Anthropology

  • Introduction to Forensic Science

  • Introduction to Social Media

  • Native American Studies: Contemporary Perspectives

  • Native American Studies: Historical Perspectives

  • Personal Finance

  • Social Issues

  • Sociology

Social Studies

  • Civics A

  • Civics B

  • Contemporary World A

  • Contemporary World B

  • Economics

  • U.S. Government

  • U.S. History A

  • U.S. History B

  • World Geography A

  • World Geography B

  • World History A

  • World History B

  • World History Survey A

  • World History Survey B

All About Online Summer School

At WorldEd School (WED), an American based and globally accessible online school, we aim to meet your needs. Do you want to enjoy your summer, traveling, working and getting ahead in your coursework?  We offer a variety of courses that will allow you to do this.
Whether you are short on credits or simply looking to work ahead, WorldEd can help! We are an online accredited school that offers open enrollment for all courses. We provide comprehensive and flexible options to meet your needs. You can enroll anytime, anywhere, and even get started today! 


Why spend your summer sitting in a classroom when you can work online anywhere in the world! All you need is a computer or web-compatible device with an internet connection!