Why should you consider study in New Zealand?

Here at WorldEd, we always aim to prepare our students for international opportunities. Have you ever wondered, with so many possible destinations, where should you pursue higher education? Today we want to present an exciting possibility: New Zealand.

Auckland/NZ - image: Freepik.com

Why should you consider New Zealand? Well, above all else, for its excellent quality education.

Altogether, the country has eight national universities, twenty-five polytechnic institutes, and many professional courses. According to Quacquarelli Symonds’ ranking (a British company specialized in education), all superior education establishments in NZ feature amongst the top 500 worldwide. This quality is ensured by government oversight, which periodically evaluates all institutions. The top spot at QS’s rankings belongs to the University of Auckland, in 82º place — coincidentally, the most popular destination for foreigners.

Moreover, the New Zealand government is eager to receive foreign students! They may find universities that offer scholarships and other financial aid for students from undergrad to Ph.D.

When it comes to studying topics, science, health, and especially technology take the spotlight. Just to give you an idea of its importance: in 2014, the IT sector was responsible for 30 million New Zealand dollars of the country’s GDP. Companies like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn often test their products and services over there.

Another interesting option? Hospitality Courses, such as hotel management and tourism, considered some of the world’s best. A Chef certification from New Zealand can open international doors to top quality restaurants.

Of course, knowledge is not limited to what you learn in the classroom. Besides the island’s incredible nature, featuring beaches, mountains, forests, fiords, and more, New Zealand has an extremely rich culture. Cultural trips may take you to historical Maori sites, the first to occupy the island, or to buildings dated back to colonial times.

No wonder it’s such an advantage to be an international student. When you apply to New Zealand colleges, you may also apply for scholarships. But remember: everything’s in English, which’s the country’s official language, besides Maori.

International students have the chance to explore a great number of destinations. Of all the many possibilities, it’s definitely worth it to consider New Zealand: an excellent education in a fascinating country, that anxiously awaits the chance of shaping global citizens.

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