What is Hybrid Education?

Hybrid Education may be a new concept to some educators, but it is vital in the ever-changing world that we live in. The world is changing, with more and more connections on a daily basis throughout the world. It is vital that Education also reflects these demands. Students need to be educated in this changing world, gaining the skills and qualifications to help them succeed, or be left behind.

What is Hybrid Education?

Hybrid education is a combination of teaching methods. Pupils still receive the face to face classroom experiences; however, this is then supported by learning online and activities. Each facility offers different experiences when offering hybrid education. Some offer a one day face to face course to meet all pupils, while all teaching happens online through videos, with assignments submitted online. While others offer classes each day, with follow up work as an addition online. While some provided readings and information online before lessons, with group discussions occurring when pupils meet face to face in lessons. The focus of the online learning proportion is to complement classroom learning, which has been supplied through lectures, discussion and activities, without having to revisit the content repeatedly online. The options are endless. Regardless of how Hybrid Education is provided, the benefits are limitless.

Benefits of Hybrid Education

Making learning assessable for all pupils- Have a busy lifestyle? Classes can be taken in the students own pace, in a time that suits them.

More focused learning - As assignments, quizzes and examinations can all be taken online, time in the classroom can be spent providing class support and discussions, helping student to really understand the course material.

Instant feedback and grading – This saves the teacher a large amount of time, scrolling through work to grade tasks. Online, tasks can be set up, and provide instant feedback once the pupil has completed the work. This enables the student to see instantly how their understanding of the content is progressing.

Saving the environment – With little paper being used as all material is online, you can be sure that you are saving on paper usage. Also, with the reduction of face to face classes, you are saving the usage of fuel in your car, not only saving money, but also, reducing Carbon Dioxide gases being emitted into the atmosphere.

How WorldEd helps?

At WorldEd, we ensure to offer core and elective courses that help schools implement a hybrid education model. WorldEd ensures to provide support to all learners. Lessons meet all learning styles, providing accessibility to all students, no matter location. Due to technology advancements, WorldEd provides digital support to all pupils, ensuring they reach their goals when learning. It also provides the pupils with creativity, innovation and motivation lessons, challenging pupils to learn and engage with the curriculum, enhancing their global engagement while improving their academic experiences.

Check out our Electives fully aligned with the hybrid education model:


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