Opportunities for International Students

What are the advantages of being an international student? That is, why is it worth pursuing an international education while in school? What are the opportunities?

There are innumerous opportunities for international students. A number of countries offers foreign students the chance to attend college for affordable prices, or, in some cases, even for free. You could choose, perhaps;

Germany. College in this country is universally free, and that includes international students. All that is needed is a small administration fee, usually 200 euros or so. If you want to look further, you could visit the DAAD website (German Academic Exchange Service), where several opportunities are listed by country of origin.

Finland. Internationally renowned for its top-of-the-line education, Finland offers 450 graduate courses for foreign students.

Sweden. The Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP) offers scholarships to students of 138 countries. Those scholarships cover personal living costs, but they’re hard earned; students are required to fulfill at least three thousand hours of internships, work, or volunteer activities.

France. It’s important to keep in mind most courses in France are administered in French, not English. Many French schools, such as Alliance Française, help disseminate French courses abroad.

So, with so many chances available, why is it worth it to pursue an international education?

New Experiences; studying abroad is an incredible opportunity for new experiences. Seeing the world; natural landmarks as well as historical and cultural experiences. Meeting new people who might become lifelong friends; people from all sorts of different backgrounds you might never have met otherwise. Developing new interests and new abilities; again, maybe in areas you never would have expected had you stayed at home. There’s never a chance to develop and diversify as when you’re away from what’s familiar.

Education; you’ll have the chance of immersing yourself not only in the content of your chosen course itself but in the education system of the country you want to live in. You can absorb new knowledge, and develop highly qualified skills.

Career Opportunities; an education abroad can do wonders for your career opportunities. You’ll have acquired new skills, an excellent education, and language abilities, and proven your eagerness to learn and face challenges. All of that can only support you in your professional life! It’s even possible you’ll decide to pursue a career in your host country.

Opportunities for international students do exist, and the benefits of being an international student are many and varied. One last question one might ask is; where do I start?

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