“An international education is not a plus anymore, it’s a necessity” — Interviewing Calebe Braga

Interviewing Calebe Braga from Cidade Viva

The International School Cidade Viva is located in João Pessoa, PB, in Brazil, and it’s partners with WorldEd International School. Its proposal is of full-time education, with complete immersion in an internationalized environment. This year, Cidade Viva celebrates its tenth anniversary!

We interviewed Calebe Braga, Languages Coordinator, to know a little bit more about this partnership with WorldEd.

1. When, and how, did you meet WorldEd?

Through an email. We received an email marketing, and we were looking for a partnership. I read the email, got in contact, traveled to São Paulo for work, and took the chance to visit WorldEd, to get to know its structure and how it worked. I brought it back to the school and presented it to the directors. We decided to settle the partnership, and have been working together for the past nine or ten months.

2. How did you integrate WorldEd to Cidade Viva’s own curriculum?

WorldEd came in through their High School program, as is. Our school already had such a program, so transitioning wasn’t difficult. We’re already accustomed to that way of doing things. So, when the partnership was settled, all we had to do was a transition. No issues. We had another partner that’d become a little expensive, so we transitioned to WorldEd.

Within the High School program, all classes are taught in English. The program includes only subjects that [the students] don’t already take within the Brazilian curriculum.

Our High School teachers are all hired exclusively for that program. We prioritize native teachers, but that isn’t an absolute must. The greatest part of our teachers has experience abroad.

3. In which way do you believe WorldEd’s curriculum adds value to your students?