6 Benefits of Student-driven Learning


Student-driven learning is a change from tradition where the teacher leads the learning and instead, gives the students the opportunity to learn for themselves. Student-driven learning shifts the emphasis from what the child learns, to how the child learns. This is a very positive way to permit the student as it focuses on skills and practices that enable the child for lifelong learning. It encourages the student to work independently, managing information and Student-driven. Students have a vital role in the learning process, as the focus is on what skills and methods they use to learn.

The 6 Benefits of Student-driven Learning

1. Advantages of Student-driven learning can help encourage pupils within the classroom. As learners are in control, it helps inspire them to become more cooperative and makes learning relevant and fun.

2. By giving the student the opportunity to take learning into their own hands and be in control, encouraging all students to remain engaged and in control of their learning.

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3. Students prepare lifelong skills while working with others developing social skills, control their time, problem-solving, critical thinking and task management. It also allows students to develop an understanding of their learning styles, and which way they learn best.

4. Student-driven learning allows the pupil to reach a higher level of understanding of subject content. By voicing their thoughts and opinions on the matter, with their peers and teachers, they open a discussion about the topic, allowing them to see other points of view, argue their beliefs and gain a greater insight into a topic. problem-solving is a much more positive way to learn, instead of a teacher giving you an answer and having to learn it.

5. It allows the teacher to facilitate the pupils learning, enabling them to circle the room, sit and chat with pupils about their ideas, and giving the child some Student-driven responsibility and independence.

6. Finally, student-driven learning allows all students to learn at their own pace, perfectly suitable for any differentiating task within the classroom.

At WorldEd International School we believe that empowering students helps them to succeed in learning. Our mission is to provide a personalized education through individualized learning to all students, enabling them to reach their potential. Classes meet all learning styles, with a creativity, innovation and a desire to challenge how all students learn, while engaging them with the curriculum. We incorporate student-driven learning tasks throughout all our lessons and have found outstanding results as an outcome. This success continues to fuel our practice of student-driven learning, when appropriate in classes.

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