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What is it?

WorldEd School (WED) is a school from Preschool to High School. We offer Global Schools our academic partnership program, providing students with access to the curriculum of international schools, and consequently, a High School diploma.

How does it work?

Once their curriculum has been assessed, the partner school can choose to integrate the international curriculum to its own educational project or offer it during after-hours. WorldEd’s curriculum evaluates students’ performance and development continuously, through objective measurements and USA based teachers. We offer two types of certifications; individual credits or a US High School Diploma, both internationally recognized. 


For the School


•    A quick implementation of the international curriculum, with low impact to the administrative structure;

•    Assistance and development of a personalized project for each school;

•    Digital resources that help develop learning autonomy;

•    Learning fostered by Differential Teaching, centered on the student.

For the Student

•    International WorldEd School Records and a Dual-Diploma;

•    Measurements for continuously assessing progress and performance;

•    A broader international perspective paired with an excellent curriculum.



Pk to K

Elementary School

Elementary School

1st to 5th grade

Middle School

Middle School

6th to 8th grade

High School

High School

9th to 12th grade