Guidance Counselor

What is a Guidance Counselor?


A guidance counselor is a resource that students have to ask questions about their future paths after graduation from high school. Guidance Counselors help students by pointing them in the right direction for their future career paths, helping them as an official school administrator to fill in application material for universities, and providing support on student career paths. 


 WorldEd Guidance Counselor Services 


  • Provide biweekly videos to help students know themselves and understand the basic application process for universities 

  • Write WorldEd Counselor Letters on student’s behalf when students submit a formal request via email with the Counselor Recommendation Request Letter filled out

  • Fill out the counselor section of the university platforms for students on their behalf when students submit a formal request to the counselor via email listing the platforms they are applying on and inviting the counselor to these platforms

  • Create, Update, and Submit the WorldEd School Profile to platforms that students invite the counselor to for their application material 

  • Assist students with their questions in the application process and on how to effectively invite teachers and counselors to complete these sections of the application

  • Provide general guidance to students in the application process via email and virtual sessions with students when necessary

  • Provide tools for students to help them in their application process and answer common questions 


Services we DO NOT provide


IMPORTANT: The guidance counselor or working with the guidance counselor in no way guarantees a student’s admission to university. 


We assist students in their personal journey after university. However, students are expected to do their own research and work on applications and platforms independently. If students require step-by-step guidance in these processes, then they can work with a third-party associate.


Considering that our guidance counselor works with ALL of our students, the guidance counselor is responsible to upload documents on behalf of WorldEd. Students who require personalized assistance should look for third-party associates to help them as this is outside the scope of a Guidance Counselor’s role. 


Services were we can indicate a third-party associate:


WorldEd will indicate reputable third-party associates for the following services but students/parents will need to negotiate these services officially with each provider. They do not reflect WordlEd and are not an official part of the WorldEd team or the Guidance Counselor services. 


  • Translations to English of documentation for international students

  • ACT and or SAT courses on the WorldEd platform

  • Application essay coaching

  • Application interview coaching

  • Create a School Profile for partner schools

  • Work with partner school teachers to help them understand the essay writing process with training sessions or teacher mentorship

WorldEd Guidance Counselor


For questions or comments please email your WorldEd Guidance Counselor at: 

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