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WAM Certified Mentor

WorldEd Affiliated Mentor is an innovative business model available for private teachers who wish to expand their range of work opportunities.


WorldEd provides the possibility for private teachers to work in education as a specialized Independent Mentor.


Once trained, the teacher becomes a WorldEd Affiliated Mentor (WAM) and then will be able to offer their students an official personalized and accredited international program.

What is it?

The teacher applies to become a WorldEd Affiliated MENTOR. After the application is approved, the teacher completes 4 hours of initial training to be allowed to start classes.

How does it work?

WAM - Benefits


Student - Benefits


A WorldEd Affiliated Mentor  (WAM) will support students from kindergarten through high school, preparing them with a global education.





Pk to K

Elementary School

Elementary School

1st to 5th grade

Middle School

Middle School

6th to 8th grade

High School

High School

9th to 12th grade

List of Credits and Courses

  • Core curriculum (English, Math, Sciences, Social Studies, …)

  • College Readiness (AP Classes, ACT Prep, SAT Prep, …)

  • Electives and CTE ( 200+ subjects)

Full list here

WAM in Practice

  • Offer an adaptable Bilingual and International Program;

  • Compete with the International Schools and Bilingual schools in your area with more flexibility for students;

  • Choose the style of program you want to work with;

  • Manage the business side of your teaching with support from WED;

  • Make Your Own Schedule to meet your needs;

  • Set your OWN prices.

WAM Ideal Students

  • Students looking to enhance their English;

  • Students looking for a differential to apply to International Opportunities;

  • Students looking for a flexible academic extracurricular activity of 1h30-3h a week;

  • Students willing to be prepared to the 21st-century workforce through mobility and global awareness.

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