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The winners will be announced live and posted on the website! A glimmers concert and special messages will follow the announcement! We are so proud of you all!


December 17th - EST 5pm | BRT 7pm

Welcome to the First Annual WorldEd Fine Arts Contest & Exhibition (FACE2020)! We are so excited to invite all of our students to participate and share your artistic skills and visions. Submissions in all categories (visual and performing) are open September 1st, 2020 - October 15th, 2020. We look forward to sharing your art with the world! Rules and details below.


There are two major categories for which you can submit: Visual Arts and Performing Arts. The following mediums are eligible for submission:

Visual Arts: Animation, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Short Films Without Actors, Crafts, and Sculpture.

Performing Arts: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Short Films With Actors, Instrumental Performances, and Poetry recitation.


  1. All entrants must be current WorldEd students;

  2. All entries must be accompanied with information that includes the artist's full name, grade level, and a two-sentence explanation of their entry;

  3. All entries must be suitable for all ages. There will be no profanity, nudity, or hateful language/imagery;

  4. Entry submissions begin September 1st. The final deadline is October 15th;

  5. Performing arts submissions that include spoken language must be in English;

  6. For submissions in the visual arts category, all work must be original. For submissions in the performing arts category, entries must credit the original artist/author if work is being covered, performed to, or read.


To submit your work, please email any digital file to events@wk12.org . If the file is too big to fit in an email, please use any cloud drive (Google Drive, Dropbox, …) to upload your work and create a shared link.


  1. All students who participate will get a “Certificate of Participation”;

  2. All students who participate will have it noted on their official transcripts;

  3. Each student who places 1-10th will have that designated on their transcript and receive a 10% boost to their participation/engagement grade for English class;

  4. All students will have their work featured on the dedicated website with students who place 1-10th being highlighted;

  5. Each category within Visual Arts and Performing Arts will offer prizes for the 1st place winners. These prizes will be announced once submissions are complete.

If you have any questions regarding how to participate in this exhibition, email Stephanie Schneider at stephanie.schneider@wk12.org