Through respect, global awareness, and a strong sense of community values, WorldEd students learn to make the difference through respect for life and cultural diversity.


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Elementary School

Elementary School

Middle School

Middle School

High School

Curriculum Tracks

College Readiness Program Track


WorldEd International School College Preparatory track is for students who plan to study a more rigorous program and are often considering attending a 4 year university. Our requirements for the College Readiness Program Track requires students to complete 24 credits, including core requirements such as


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Career Readiness Track Program


WorldEd International School offers a Career Readiness Track Program for students who are not planning on attending a four-year university directly after high school. With this program it offers the chance for students to also attend a community college, trade school, or work as well. This degree requires students to complete 20 credits, including core requirements such as


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Supplemental Programs


WorldEd provide programs to students offering single courses for no full-time enrolled student, or students trying to get ahead. We issue a transcript for these single courses including their relative credit when applicable.


Diploma Eligibility

WorldEd International School offers many different educational track programs to help meet the needs of our students. Students choose the program track that best meets their needs. In order to graduate in each of these programs students must have completed the required credit hours with a grade of at least a D- or better. 


Credits Transferring


  1. Students are allowed to transfer-in credits from other school if credits are aligned with our Transference Policy and pass the admission process.

  2. Students are required to complete at least 25% of our required credits with WorldEd.



Students may apply to WorldEd International School at any time. Enrollment 3 days after the application is accepted or on a requested date by a partner or affiliate school. Students who wish to be considered for full-time enrollment in WorldEd International School must seek to enroll in grades K-12, must be under the age of 21, and must desire a high school diploma.


Teenage Group
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